Samantha Sears Music

Samantha Sears will be playing at the clarion county park in the community building on Friday March 22nd from 4PM - 5PM.

Samantha Sears is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Western Pennsylvania. Samantha was always musical growing up, her mother says she was singing before she could talk. Samantha expanded her musical ambition in college by joining her first band and learning to accompany herself. Since 2010, Samantha has been performing all over the Western Pennsylvania region.

The Keister Family Band

The Keister Family band will be playing at the clarion county park in the community building on saturday march 23rd from 4PM - 6PM.

The Keister Band is a local Bluegrass band that has been around for years. It is comprised of 4 family members; Jay Keister, Jake Keister, Susan (Keister) Ochs and Katelynne (Ochs) Trudgen.  They are all self-taught musicians with close family harmony.

Jay plays the banjo, Jake, the mandolin, Susan,
The bass, and Katelynne,  the guitar.

Dan Hulse: Strolling Minstrel

Dan will be playing at the clarion county park Friday March 22nd from 2PM - 3PM.

Dan has been playing the 5 string banjo for about 55 years. And he has actually invented the “Grab-at-it” banjo style, a sort of hybrid of the Scruggs and frailing. He and his banjo and harmonica in a rack have strolled through festivals and fairs for about 40 years. He's written gospel songs and historical tunes about places he's visited and lived. Sometimes, the mandolin or the big 12 string get involved, too. He and his wife, Jean, live in Clarion PA with their little dog, Poppy.

Mitch Littler

Mitch will be playing at the clarion county park Saturday March 23rd from 2PM - 3PM and the Clarion Mall from 4PM - 5PM.

Mitch Littler is renowned for his vibrant, high-energy performances, blending rock with the soulful essence of folk and blues traditions. A multi-talented musician who started in a family bluegrass band at 14, Mitch honed his skills as a singer, guitarist, and harmonica player. After spending three years as a traveling blues entertainer before college, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a philosophy degree. His music career has seen him play at notable events like the Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival and the Steel City Blues Festival, and as a house band member for Southern Airways in Memphis. In 2021, Mitch launched Operation Good Vibes, performing over 300 times to spread joy across NW Pennsylvania, gaining media attention and solidifying his reputation. Whether performing for a small crowd or at a large festival, Mitch Littler's infectious energy ensures everyone's up and dancing.